Insurance All events require insurance coverage in the amounts listed below. Insurance coverage must be maintained for the duration of the event. The City of Sioux Falls must be named as an additional insured. City of Sioux Falls, 224 West Ninth Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. If the event is held within the downtown district, Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. must also be listed as an additional insured.
  • $1 million per occurrence.
  • $2 million general aggregate.
  • $1 million alcohol liability insurance required, if applicable.
Raffle 605-367-8080 Please be advised, according to state law, we need to receive notification thirty (30) days prior to the sale of any raffle tickets. If your raffle includes alcohol as a prize, you must obtain the proper license prior to selling raffle tickets.

Amplified Sound
Tents and Canopies
Vehicle and Utility Carts
Street Closures
Parking Plan/Traffic Flow
Waste and Recycling
Safety and Security
Severe Weather Policy
Smoke/Tobacco-Free Ordinance
Americans with Disabilities Act
Food & Beverage Vendors—Health Department 605-367-8760
Mobile Food Licensed Vendors
Alcohol Permits 605-367-8082
Amplified Sound—Health Department 605-367-8760 If amplified or elevated sound is needed for your event, you must apply for the necessary permit. No permit is required if amplified sound is for a private event lasting one (1) hour or less or for religious organization conducting a worship service. Additional fees apply.