Freedom Pass

Sioux Area Metro (SAM) is again offering the “Freedom Pass” to all school students during the summer months beginning on Saturday, May 23, and continuing until Thursday, August 27, 2020. The program allows students to ride SAM fixed-route buses for free. To do so, the student must present the bus driver with the current year school ID or SAM-issued Freedom Pass when boarding.

The Freedom Pass program includes the following stipulations:

  • The pass allows anyone 6 to 18 years of age to ride Sioux Area Metro (SAM) for free.
  • Anyone ages 11 through 18 may ride unaccompanied by an adult.
  • Anyone ages 6 through 10 must be accompanied by a regular paying adult.
  • Anyone 5 years of age or younger is free to ride at any time and does not require a Freedom Pass, although they must be accompanied by a regular paying adult.
  • To ride a SAM fixed-route bus for free, anyone ages 6 through 18 must present their 2019-2020 school ID or Freedom Pass to the bus driver for entry onto the bus.

If a student is of elementary school age, does not have a school pass, or the school pass is lost, a special Freedom Pass must be secured through SAM offices located at 500 East Sixth Street. Identification and proof of age such as one of the following are required: a driver’s license, state ID card, or birth certificate.