Reid Street Sanitary Sewer

Reid Project Limits

Project Update: 3/13/2020

  • Construction will be starting March 23, 2020

2020 Project Milestones

  1. Sanitary sewer replacement through Park.
  2. Sanitary sewer replacement in Reid Street.  
  3. Abandoning sanitary sewer in 8th and Railroad Parking Lot.

Commuter Route Information:

  • Reid Street will be closed for part of the project between 8th Street and 10th Street.
  • Local traffic will be able to access businesses through the North side of Reid Street off 8th Street. 
  • Bike trail will be closed between Reid St and 10th Street.
  • Pedestrian detour will be across the Hilton Garden Inn parking lot. 

Project Overview

Project Overview

Contract Amount: $394,999    

Completion Date: September 4, 2020

Project Summary

This project is for the rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer from Reid Street South to the Big Sioux. Due to the existing deteriorated condition it is important to replace this line before any further development at 8th and Railroad can be connected to this line. Improvements include new sanitary sewer, curb and gutter, and asphalt surfacing.  

Contact Information:

City of Sioux Falls
Allyn Brummel
(605) 367-8648


Sayre Associates
Jeff Boldt
(605) 332-7211

Contractor Name

First Rate Excavate Inc