Pavement Patching (Tech-Crete) & Diamond Grinding

Project Update 6/19/2020

  • The project is now complete. 
  • The contractor is cleaning the last work area on Dakota Avenue and will mobilize equipment off site soon.
  • The work on Main Avenue between Brookings Street and 6th Street will not be completed in 2020. 
  • We anticipate this segment of Main Avenue will be patched in 2021.
  • This will be the last web page update for this project.

2020 Project Milestones

  1. Location No. 1: Phillips Avenue - 12th Street to 14th Street
  2. Location No. 2: 13th Street - 2nd Avenue to Minnesota Avenue
  3. Location No. 3: Main Avenue - 11th Street to 14th Street
  4. Location No. 4: Main Avenue - Brookings Street to 6th Street
  5. Location No. 5: 9th Street – Minnesota Avenue to Phillips Avenue

Commuter Route Information:

  • All streets and lanes are open to traffic.


Project Overview

Project Overview

Contract Amount: $582,750   

Completion Date: October 2, 2020

Project Summary

Pavement patching with Tech-Crete on various streets in the downtown area, as well as diamond grinding on Phillips Avenue due to the deteriorated condition of the existing pavement.  The project will be constructed in phases to minimize impacts as much as possible.  The estimated construction timeframe for each location is shown in the commuter route information.  

Contact Information:

City of Sioux Falls
Shane Balk


JSA Engineers and Land Surveyors
Myron Adam

Contractor Name

BX Civil & Construction, Inc.