Marion Road Watermain-Benson Road to University Trail

Marion Road Water Main

Project Update 11/29/2019

  • The Contractor recently started installing new water main at the intersection of Marion Road and University Trail, and plans to continue working south along the west side of Marion Road.
  • Work in the west ditch will continue until they reach the intersection at Marion Road and 54th Street North in early December, so long as weather conditions remain suitable for continued construction. 
  • Phase 2 will follow Phase 1, which is expected to be in the Spring. 

Project Milestones

Phase 1

  1. Water main installation between University Trail and 54th Street
  2. Water main installation between 54th Street and Yukon Trail
  3. Water main installation between Yukon Trail and Benson Road
  4. Installation of culvert at 54th Street
  5. Site Restoration/Clean-up for Phase 1

Phase 2

  1. Water main installation across Marion Road at 54th Street
  2. Water main installation across Marion Road at Jans Drive
  3. Water main installation across Marion Road at Yukon Trail
  4. Replacement of existing surfacing
  5. Site Restoration/Clean-up for Phase 2

Commuter Route Information

Phase 1

  • Two-way traffic will be maintained on Marion Road with the west shoulder of the road closed.
  • Traffic control has been placed on Marion Road between University Trail and W. 54th Street to shift traffic to the east while the Contractor is working along the road.
  • Once the Contractor has reached W. 54th Street they will shift the cones south, starting at W. 54th Street to W. Yukon Trail. So long as weather allows, the Contractor intends to continue work until the reach Benson Road and then will halt construction until spring weather allows them to continue. 
  • The side streets (Yukon Trail, Antelope Drive, and W. 54th Street) will be closed off Marion Road when the Contractor crosses them, which is expected in the Spring.
  • Access to local residents will be available from alternate locations. 

Phase 2

  • Marion Road will be closed for short periods to install water main under the road.
  • During this time, traffic will be diverted to Career Avenue at 60th Street N. and Benson Road.


Project Overview

Completion Date:

June 13, 2020

Contract Amount:


Project Summary:

This project consists of installation of 24” water main along Marion Road between Benson Road and University Trail, removal and replacement of storm sewer culverts, removal and replacement of existing surfacing, and site restoration. The project is being completed to improve service and reliability in the area.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls

Justin Petersen, Project Manager

Consultant Name:

DGR Engineering
Trent Bruce

Contractor Name

H&W Contracting, LLC