Changes to Household Hazardous Waste Facility Procedures

Public Works Team

Spray Cans

To help protect our employees and residents visiting the facility during COVID-19, the Household Hazardous Waste Facility has made the following changes to procedure:

  • To adhere to social distancing guidelines, employees will no longer be off-loading material from residents’ backseats. We are requiring ALL hazardous waste and electronics to be placed in your trunk or bed of pickup trucks. For SUVs, materials need to be placed in the rear trunk area.
  • If residents have waste materials in the backseat of their vehicles, they have two options:
  1. Employees will provide them with a cart so residents can off-load the waste materials themselves. Employees will back away a minimum of 6 feet to comply with distancing guidance.
  2. Employees will instruct residents to pull forward and transfer waste materials from the backseat to the trunk of their vehicle.
  • Residents will hold their licenses for staff to scan. Employees shall bring forward the scanning device to scan the barcode of their license without exchanging hands of the actual license.

If residents are unable to comply with these procedures, we will be unable to accept hazardous or electronic waste at this time.

Thank you for your assistance keeping our employees and the public safe!