Explorers Post 504

Law Enforcement Exploring is a worksite-based program offered with the cooperation of the Sioux Falls Police Department and Boy Scouts of America. Young women and men who have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years old, but have not yet reached the age of 21 years, may apply. The Exploring Program offers experimental learning with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities that promote the growth and development of adolescent youth.

Our members ride with police officers and work many events in support of the police department.

About the Program

Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Since there are usually more applicants than we have openings or budget for, candidates will be interviewed to determine eligibility. Because previous explorers have set a precedent for excellence, and because of whom we represent, we are meticulous during the interview and selection process. New recruits can plan to spend two nights a month for five months learning the procedures and policies that guide our post. This training time culminates with an exam to determine what information the new explorer has retained. While this can be a challenging time, the reward is well worth the effort.

Please fill out the below application. You will be notified regarding an interview date and time.

Officer Shaun Drummond, Explorers Post 504 - 605-367-7212