Know the Pool Rules

Before making a splash this summer, make sure your swimming pool is good to go for a season of fun.

City of Sioux Falls’ Planning and Development Services has provided this FAQ to answer your questions about swimming pools that are at least 18 inches deep.

Question: Where can I put a swimming pool?

Answer: If the pool is in the backyard and more than 10 feet away from the house, it can possibly be placed as close as 2 feet away from the property line.

For specifics about your property, contact the zoning office at 605-367-8254.

Question: Does my above-ground swimming pool require a building permit?

Answer: Any prefabricated swimming pool that has a water depth of 18 inches or more requires a building permit. You must also provide a site plan that shows the location of the new pool in relation to the property lines and any structures—such as a house or detached buildings—as well as any easements.

Don’t have a site plan handy? Creating one is easy! Find an aerial image of your property on a map and simply draw the required markings on top. A great place to find an aerial view of your property is the online Parcel Finder tool at

Please note: If you have overhead power lines in your yard, please consult with your energy company prior to obtaining a building permit.

Question: How do I apply for a building permit?


Building permit applications can be submitted through our Customer Self Service website:

  1. To apply, visit CSS and click on the “Apply” button.
  2. Use the search bar to find “Residential Building Accessory Structure.” Login with an existing CSS account or register a new account.
    Note: It may take up to 48 hours for new CSS accounts to be approved.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit the permit application.
  4. If you have any questions, contact our permit technicians at 605-367-8670.


Building permit applications can also be filed in-person at the City Center building. Our permit technicians are available to answer any questions in-person or by phone at 605-367-8670.

Fences and pools

If your pool is 18 inches or deeper, City code requires a fence or barrier that is at least 42 inches tall around the pool.

Did you know?

  • According to the Sioux Falls Utilities office, it costs about $50 to fill a 10,000-gallon pool.
  • Filling a pool does not affect your sewer charge.
  • Sioux Falls Utilities does not offer discounts associated with filling swimming pools