What to Know Now About Next Month’s Combined City/School Board Election

Tuesday, April 14, 2020, is the date set the combined City/School Board Election. In the weeks leading up to the election, voters should be aware of important information about the election.

  1. Voters are encouraged to vote absentee by mail. This requires voters, if they haven’t yet done so, to submit an Absentee Ballot Application to their County Auditor. Go to sdsos.gov or siouxfalls.org/election (see “Absentee Voting”) to find an Absentee Ballot Application. You must submit an original, signed application to your County Auditor as soon as possible. Ballots will be mailed beginning no later than Monday, March 30. When you receive your ballot, complete it, add postage, and return it in the provided envelope.
  2. Replacement and Back-Up Poll Workers Needed. Registered voters in the City and/or the Sioux Falls School District are asked to sign up as a replacement or back-up polling place worker for the Combined City/Sioux Falls School Board Election on Tuesday, April 14. These elections typically require 250 election workers to manage 67 precincts at 54 locations. Positions available are Precinct Superintendents and Deputies. If you are able to serve as a poll worker on April 14, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 367-8080 or sfelections@siouxfalls.org (preferred) to sign up as a Superintendent or Deputy. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but workers generally arrive to the polling place at 6 a.m. for set-up. Persons who have not served as a poll worker previously will be provided training.
  3. Polling Places May Change. Check the Secretary of State’s Voter Information Portal at sdsos.gov or by going to siouxfalls.org/election to find your polling place. Presently, Precincts 2-8 and 4-5 voters will use a to-be-determined alternate polling location. Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community and Fire Station #7 will not be a polling place for this election. Voters should expect other polling place changes in the coming weeks due to COVID-19.
  4. Ensure Your Voter Registration is Current. To vote in the Tuesday, April 14 Election, either by absentee or on Election Day, you must be registered to vote by 5 p.m. on Monday, March 30. You can check your voter registration online at the Secretary of State’s website. To register or update your voter information, visit either of the webpages listed above to download a registration form. Forms must be submitted to your county auditor or other approved locations by the deadline. See “Voter Registration” at siouxfalls.org/election.
  5. City Clerk Contact Information. 235 West 10th Street, Sioux Falls, SD, 57104; 605-367-8080 or sfelections@siouxfalls.org. Go to siouxfalls.org/election for resources.
  6. Auditor Contact Information. For Lincoln County voters: Lincoln County Auditor, 104 North Main, Suite 110, Canton, SD 57013, 605-764-2581. For Minnehaha County voters: Minnehaha County Auditor, 415 North Dakota Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, 605-367-4220.

The City of Sioux Falls Municipal/Sioux Falls School Board Election is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14. Voters who did not vote absentee by mail or absentee in-person will vote at their assigned precinct polling place on Election Day. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Always check your information on the Secretary of State’s Voter Information Portal for your registration status, polling location, and sample ballot.

For more information about the Tuesday, April 14, election, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 605-367-8080 or sfelections@siouxfalls.org.

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