OneLink App Celebrates One Year

Resident App Adoption Leads to Improved City Services

The City of Sioux Falls OneLink mobile app earned a high-level of adoption and use by residents in its first year, showing that residents are finding value in this innovative platform to engage with their City.

The City launched the OneLink app in 2019 as a convenient way for residents to submit nonemergency service requests such as pothole repairs and streetlight outages. Since then, OneLink has optimized both the submission process for residents and how the City addresses requests.

For example, Sioux Falls resident Ben Gutnik, 33, began using the OneLink app, after looking for a way to contact the City about a pothole issue. Since then, he’s become a super user. Gutnik has reported more than 138 incidents. Gutnik says the app is a convenient way to flag requests for the City, versus having to call directly. It is also a way to help improve the community. “If something is a problem for me, chances are it’s a problem for other people,” he says.

In 2019, the City completed 12,632 service requests. The top 10 reported requests in 2019 were:

  1. Potholes: 5,663
  2. Roadway Lighting: 922
  3. Winter: Sidewalk Snow or Ice Removal: 492
  4. Grass/Weeds: 478
  5. Abandoned Vehicle (On street or right-of-way): 473
  6. Winter: Sanding Request: 432
  7. Parks and Recreation: 320
  8. Traffic Signal/Stoplight: 304
  9. Asphalt Issues (Frost boil, cutouts, and skin patching): 296
  10. Traffic or Street Signage: 274

Sioux Falls also stood out nationally as a high-use city of the mobile app. In 2019, Sioux Falls ranked sixth per capita in the nation for closed requests for the platform, ahead of larger communities including Lincoln, NE, and Jersey City, NJ.

“It’s clear from the engagement we’ve seen that residents are hungry for this sort of technology,” says Mayor Paul TenHaken. “We are continually looking for innovative, data-driven ways to deliver services to our residents, and OneLink is just one example of how we are delivering.”

Through the app, users can upload a photo from their mobile device and attach GPS coordinates, along with a short description of the service request. Submissions without an image can also be uploaded with map coordinates of the issue location. Residents receive a notification when the issue is scheduled for repair and/or has been resolved. Users can also stay up to date on issues in their neighborhood by viewing previously reported requests in the area.

“The OneLink app is a great example of how the City is using innovation to more efficiently handle service requests and streamline how residents can interact with the City,” says Mark Cotter, Director of Public Works. “Thank you to Sioux Falls residents for readily adopting this tool and allowing it to benefit the overall community.”

The data from the app has improved how City maintenance crews receive and process requests. For example, when residents log a pothole request, maintenance crews use the information and GPS coordinates to understand the severity of the issue and address it in the most efficient way. The City also uses this data to address repetitive issues. Data is placed on a “heat map,” which allows the City to look at repetitive areas and find a more permanent fix.

The City is constantly fine-tuning the app and looking for ways to improve its functionality. This past year the “winter snow” category expanded into five separate categories to help with reporting: winter ice cutting, missed alley, sanding, winter plowback, and plow missed street. Categories are added and highlighted throughout the year based on frequency and relevance, such as vegetation violations in the summer and snow plowing in the winter.

OneLink App: You can submit a request through two ways: Online at or through the City of Sioux Falls Mobile App. It's free to download and easy to use.

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, search for “City of Sioux Falls” to find the app for your mobile Apple or Android device.


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