Grants Available for Strengthening Sioux Falls Neighborhoods

The City of Sioux Falls is offering a $50,000 Neighborhood Project Grant program in 2019 for neighborhood associations to complete projects that enhance a neighborhood’s livability and involvement, collectively benefit the entire neighborhood, and promote a strong sense of community. The grant program reimburses costs to complete noncapital projects that may include, but are not limited to neighborhood cleanups, identification signage, planting boulevard trees, community flower or vegetable gardens, neighborhood art, and exterior painting projects for homes in need.

Neighborhood associations can request more than one grant as long as the total dollar amount requested per association does not exceed $5,000. The City is also offering one $12,000 grant to one association for a single large project.

The Neighborhood Project Grant program has had tremendous success since 2013, and we hope this program continues to enhance communication, aesthetics, and the sense of community throughout our neighborhoods. We have great leaders all across our city who are stepping up and are making a significant difference in their neighborhoods and the community as a whole.

For more information on how neighborhoods can participate in the Neighborhood Project Grant program, or to become an active neighborhood association, please contact Diane deKoeyer at 605-367-8889. 

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