Outstanding City Employees Recognized

Mayor Paul TenHaken has announced the winners of the V. L. Crusinberry Award, Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award, and Employee of the Year for Safety Award—the City’s top employee awards.

The 2019 V. L. Crusinberry Award winner is Seth Peterson, Housing Specialist, Housing. This award, established in memory of former Sioux Falls Mayor V. L. Crusinberry, annually recognizes and honors nonmanagement employees who demonstrate exceptional performance, judgment, productivity, loyalty, professional pride, and other noteworthy accomplishments.

The 2019 Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award winner is Regan Smith, City Emergency Manager, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. This award, established in memory of former Human Resources Manager Jeanne Fullenkamp, annually recognizes and honors high midmanagement performers and leaders who drive change, build commitment, maximize talent, and focus on excellent customer service.

The 2019 recipients of the Employee of the Year for Safety Award are Dan Amen, Lead Sewer Technician; and Shad Hochstein, Sewer Technician, Public Works/Water Reclamation. This award annually recognizes and honors employees who have made a significant and measurable contribution toward achieving the City’s safety objectives. Employees nominated were chosen for their ability to motivate coworkers and to contribute to a heightened safety awareness—and ultimately a safer working environment.

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