Mixed-Use Parking Ramp Tops Mayor’s List of Top 10 Wins for Sioux Falls in 2017

Mayor Mike Huether today announced what he considers to be the top 10 wins that Sioux Falls City government captured in 2017. The top 10 wins as ranked by Mayor Huether included:

#1. The future $50 million mixed-use parking ramp captures even bigger dreams for downtown Sioux Falls, above and beyond the long awaited need for more public parking.

#2. Major street reconstruction included South Louise Avenue, 69th and Western, and 56 ADDITIONAL MILES of street improvements. Another $25 million investment in wastewater infrastructure will serve us for at least a century.

#3. Sioux Falls experiences a fifth straight year of record-breaking construction, yet the city stays one step ahead of it.

#4. Our finances are rock solid regardless of the challenge, and by the way, Sioux Falls saves $25 million in interest payments with prudent debt management.

#5. Golf reaches a new level with Elmwood’s grand reopening, the Crooked Pint Ale House/Holiday Inn located there, and after 23 years, hiring a new management company.

#6. Collaborative development pays off big time with Win Chill, Gage Brothers’ expansion, the downtown Sioux Falls Cascade project, and an announcement soon that will kick off the railyard redevelopment vision.

#7. We celebrate tobacco-free public spaces, emergency medical services excellence, Patient‑Centered Medical Home Level 3 recognition, and a significant investment in Behavioral Health.

#8. Our new City Administration Building, a first since 1936, is being built on time, under budget, and will dramatically enhance service to our employees and residents for decades.

#9. Fleet management for all departments has been centralized to capture efficiencies, execute best practices, and control costs.

#10. Sioux Falls embraces our ever-changing diverse community by protecting human rights, improving relations, adding community resources, and executing initiatives that promote compassion for ALL citizens.

For more information, including lists of each department’s top 10 wins of the year, go to www.siouxfalls.org.

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