Background Information Regarding Statements Made Today

Below is some background information regarding statements made today in relation to Sioux Falls City government.

Every City department, not just the Police Department, has been affected by budget tightening due to sales tax revenue concerns. Discretionary spending, including out-of-state travel and training and much more, was reduced across all areas. For several years now, consistent with prudent business practices, all travel and training requests that exceed $1,000 from any department undergo a greater level of scrutiny and require additional approvals. Families and businesses make tough spending decisions when times warrant it, and City government has been doing the same. Taxpayers expect nothing less.

The confidentiality executive order was developed solely at the request of Human Resources, not the Mayor’s Office, and has nothing to do with secrecy. Rather, it is about ensuring reasonable parameters involving confidential information of our residents, including citizen payment information, credit card numbers, protected health information, criminal records, and much more. Most employers, public and private, have very similar policies and provisions to safeguard information. Sioux Falls citizens certainly expect their government to keep their private information private.

The Communications Specialist position was created in 2012 to provide additional information and communication to the public from all City of Sioux Falls departments, and not just City Hall. This has proven very effective in an ever-changing communication environment. The 12 City directors and others have had the full authority to speak to the public and the media on every and any topic and have been active in doing just that.

Sioux Falls City government values the stewards who are willing to serve on behalf of our citizens. We also understand that much is learned once elected to serve and then serving in the capacity. If there are questions from the candidates, we would encourage them to contact the departments to find out the details on any question or concern.


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