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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

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The following is a current list of Sioux Falls projects and programs funded or proposed to be funded through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Go to https://www.loc.gov/item/lcwa00092851/ for more information regarding ARRA funds and projects for Federal, State, and Local agencies across the nation. 

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Sioux Falls Projects and Programs


The Health Department has received stimulus funding through both the Increased Service Demand and CIP grants process for Falls Community Health. $285,926 was awarded in IDS (Increased Demand for Service) funding to provide, for the 24 month IDS grant period, 1,786 new patients for 2,700 visits. IDS funding has expanded mental health and dental services during the 24 month period. $629,980 was awarded for CIP (capital improvements) to provide increased healthcare to serve and additional 1,600 patients for 6,160 visits.

The health center CIP funding has strengthened the IT network for our electronic medical record, and provided for two school based clinics, as well as added three exam rooms to the FCH main site.

Community Development

Community Development received $221,649.00 of CDBG-R funds. With these funds, the City implemented a furnace replacement program. Inefficient heating systems operating below 80 percent AFUE were replaced with furnaces operating at 95 percent efficiency.

Eligible households must have owned and occupied their property at least one year, and have an income at or below 80 percent of the median family income. A maximum of $3,000 was provided per eligible household. Funding was provided as a no-interest loan.

If the homeowner retains ownership and remains in the home, 1/3 of the loan will be forgiven after the first full year from the date of the project close out and another 1/3 of the loan will be forgiven after the second full year. The remaining 1/3 of the principal loan balance will remain as a no-interest deferred loan until loan is paid and satisfied.

If the property is sold or the owner discontinues occupancy, the remaining principal balance shall immediately become due and payable, until that time no payments are necessary.

A total of 82 furnaces were replaced with this program. 

Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation department received $578,517 through a transportation grant for the rehabilitation of the historic Yankton Trail Bridge which spans the Big Sioux River near the intersection of 57th Street and Western Avenue.

The bridge currently functions as a pedestrian bridge.


COPS Grant funding has been expanded in the stimulus bill and were awarded through a competitive grant process. We were awarded our entire request of nine Federal funding for COPS officers is guaranteed for three years. After that time, cities are required to employ the officers for a minimum of one additional year. Total value of the award is $1.9 million over three years.

We are also eligible to receive grant funding through the Byrne/JAG Grant Program. We have received funding through this program for many years under various names. We share these funds with the Sheriff's Office on a 65/35 split. Our portion of the grant this year is $532,663. These funds are awarded to us with the ability to use them as a 4 year spending plan. These funds can be used for vehicles, equipment, training and technology.

Public Works

Through federal dollars we have savings in our 2009 and 2010 State Revolving Loans for Water, Wastewater and Landfill, made possible through a 10% principal reduction and reduced interest rate funded through stimulus dollars. Total savings over ten years is about $3.4 million.

In November of 2009, The City of Sioux Falls signed an agreement to receive an Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant totaling $1,513,600 The project will consist of energy and lighting retrofits to city buildings as well as the development of a Sustainability Master Plan.


The City has been appropriated $2,609,162 for transit capital projects.

The funds will be used to replace buses, upgrade fareboxes on the fixed-route buses, replace the outdated transportation management system which determines the most efficient routes of the Paratransit buses, and make several building and yard repairs and improvements.