Application Information and Forms

In an effort to prevent delays during the pre-development and public hearing process, the Planning Office encourages the scheduling and conduction of a Pre-Application Meeting.

Information on Pre-Application Meetings

The following information explains the nature of an application, making applications, the site plan, posting signs, the Planning Commission meeting, the City Council meeting (if required) and the Petitioner’s responsibilities.

Any final action on conditional use permit requests taken by the Planning Commission are final unless appealed to the City Council. Any action taken on preliminary subdivision plans will be referred to the City Council for their public hearing and final action.

Informational Flyer on Conditional Use Permits 

Application for Conditional Use Permit

Online Application for Conditional Use Permit

Application for Initial Development Plan

Application for Preliminary Subdivision Application

Application for an Alternative Site/Sign Plan

Application for an Amendment to the PUD

Any action on rezoning requests, annexations, future land use amendments, or ordinance amendments are referred to the City Council for their public hearing and final action. Council meetings are held here in the Carnegie Town Hall and these public hearings are televised.

Informational Flyer on Rezoning

Application for Petition for Rezoning

Online Application for Rezoning

Application for Annexation Petition 

Application for Future Land Use Amendments

Schedules for meetings and filing deadline days are posted to the Planning Commission section on the website. View Schedules
Any action taken on an initial development plan, alternative site plan, and amendments to the planned unit development is final.

What is a Site Plan?

The links on this page are form fillable PDF’s. You can fill out your application online or print and write in your information.  To apply, bring your application in to the Planning Commission located at the Planning office – City Hall, Second Floor.

Required attachments should be one copy each, no larger than 11"x17" if readable. If attachments are not readable at that size, attach three copies drawn to scale and on reduced sized copy.

Other application forms.

Application for Design Review District 

Administrative Application for a Final Development Plan

Application for Permitted Special Use Permit

Application for Permitted Special Use Permit (for Daycares)

Administrative Modification to a Setback Regulation

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