Letter to Myself


This week's guest storyteller — Kira Kimball
The book — A River

Guest reader Kira Kimball shares the journey of a young person who is inspired to dream of far-away places while looking out her window. From a river, to factories and forests, and finally back home again, the journeys and illustrations will inspire listeners of all ages. Now close your eyes and begin to daydream. Let your imagination take you anywhere!
Thanks to Chronicle Kids for permission to share this virtual storytime.

FREE Programs 

These weekly programs are a mix of virtual and in-person guided activities that take place at a specific time. Check out the schedule below for what is happening this week!

Mondays at McKennan

Join us under the shade in historic McKennan Park for a free seven week concert series. Bring your favorite lawn chair or blanket and start your week off right with good music and family entertainment!
Band: Audrianna Greyson Schulz (Variety)
AUG 24 | MON | 7:00 P.M. 

Come See Us

McKennan Park

Kids Discover: Candy Pop

Eureka! Uncover, and discover interesting and exciting things through hands-on exploration. Did you know you can make pop explode? We'll show you how! You will need 20 oz. bottle of diet soft drink and a roll of Mentos mints.
AUG 25 | TUES | 1:00 P.M. 


Wee Read & Explore, Theme: Thank You Letters

Engage your child in early learning games and activities, including a community helpers guessing song and the books, "Thank You, Omu!" by Oge Mora and "Curious George Says Thank You" by H.A. Rey on the Siouxland Libraries Hoopla application. To learn more about Hoopla, visit https://www.siouxlandlib.org/apps or call 605-367-8700.

Theme: Thank You Letters
AUG 26 | WED | 10 A.M.  

Kids Create: Letter to Myself

Nurture your imagination and creativity by trying something new! What wishes do you have for yourself? Write a letter to yourself that describes your hopes and dreams. Find the letter template in the printable time capsule at https://siouxfalls.org/imagine or write a letter on a piece of paper. You can keep your letter in a safe place or donate to the Community Timecapsule to be opened in the future! Watch our Facebook page for this programs at the listed time, and then on-demand there and YouTube.

Theme: Letter to Myself
AUG 27 | THURS | 1 P.M.  


Dear Future Self

Everyone young and old can enjoy this activity as you create your own little time capsule by writing a letter to your future self. Place the letters in an envelope and pick a date in the future to open them back up.
AUG 28 | FRI | NOON 

  Dear Future Self
Download the Template and follow along

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Tunes at Terrace

Kick off the last weekend of summer with Tunes at Terrace. Enjoy Terrace Park by strolling the Terrace Park Japanese Gardens, enjoying the view of Covell Lake, and listening to the music of AG Jamboree Band presented by The Rich Greeno Memorial. There is plenty of green space to enjoy a picnic with your family, so pack your picnic blanket and your family’s favorite meal and enjoy a Friday night in the park.

AUG 28 | FRI | 6-8 PM

Come See Us
Terrace Park

Yoga in the Park

Come enjoy our beautiful park system and take a deep breath of fresh air with us while gaining flexibility, better posture, and learning stress– relieving moves through yoga! We are excited to partner with local yoga studios to provide an all ages and levels session. Each session hosted by a different instructor. Weekly door prize drawings held, must be present to win. Weather permitting. Please bring your own yoga mat

AUG 29 | SAT | 8-9 AM

Come See Us
Find us in the park next to Covell Lake

Yoga in the Park Map

Paint & Pages, Theme: A Letter to Myself

Promote literacy through books and fine-motor skills through simple art activities using a variety of mediums. To create a letter at home, you'll need crayons or markers and paper.

AUG 29 | SAT | 10 A.M.


Head to Facebook on Sunday afternoons for a friendly book chat! Every Sunday we ask a question about your favorite reads, and we invite you to share what you’re reading, and take home a great recommendation from others.

AUG 30 | SUN | 4 PM

Join Online

Boredom Busters

These do-it-yourself weekly activities are designed for you to enjoy at your own pace.

Your Favorite Place

Library Boredom Buster

Create a poster of your favorite place in nature this summer. Don’t forget to add details such as a favorite tree, the animals you spotted, a body of water, or the clouds in the sky! You’ll need paper and coloring supplies such as a pencil, crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints.


Download:Your Favorite Place activity

Calming Activities for Kids

  Calming Activity Preview

Help kids learn self-calming techniques while also having fun with their ABCs. With this activity your child will learn ways to calm themselves when they are overwhelmed while also practicing their ABCs.

Download: Download the calming activity

River Dance and a Parfait Recipe


Put on a show, then enjoy a tasty berry parfait. Choreograph your own “river dance” by finding a stick, baton, or wand, and attach a long blue ribbon to the end (one of dad’s ties would work!). Then leap, wave, and twirl like the movement of the river to your favorite music!

Download: Download the Recipe