Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements for this internship?

Many requirements are department-specific. However, general requirements include the following:
  • Entering your junior or senior year of college as a full-time student, or those who have just graduated the spring immediately before the internship summer
  • In good academic standing
  • Willing to commit to the entire summer at 40 hours/week
  • Ability to travel to and from your work site

Is this internship paid?

Yes, absolutely! You can find the wage for each internship opportunity on the opportunities page.


What are the dates?

The program will run from June-August.


What type of work is available?

There are opportunities in Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Development Services, Police, Public Works, and Fire Rescue. To see what kinds of jobs are available in each department, please click here for an organizational chart. Please note that there are not currently internships available in all sub-categories.


What does a Cohort Lunch look like, and why is there an emphasis on getting to know the other interns?

These lunches will be weekly catered events where you will get to meet and spend time with the other interns at the City while connecting with a senior official. These officials will be open to taking your questions and giving you a glimpse at what their job is and what it’s like to work at the City in their department. Afterwards, there will be time to better get to know and network with your fellow interns to share thoughts, ideas, and to form relationships within the building and its satellite sites.


Why should I choose this internship over others?

Working in City Government is an experience that will be of extreme value to you, whether you end up working in the public or private sector. Spending your summer as a public servant will add a unique facet to this internship that many other internship programs or summer jobs can’t match. Our mentors are highly trained and at the top of their field, and are ready and able to give you all the tools you need to succeed over the course of your career, as well as listen to you and your ideas. Many interns go on to become full-time City employees and lead a fulfilling career here.
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Who can I contact if I need ADA accommodation?

Please contact Human Resources at 605-367-8740 or


How do I apply?

View our opportunities on the career page