Meet Our Staff

Megan, RN, BSN 
Nurse Case Management

Duties: Nurse Case Management through the Part C program offers assistance with medication adherence, side effect management, nutritional services, specialty referrals (i.e. ophthalmology, dental, psychological), etc. as well as education regarding HIV and the disease process. I attend physician appointments and assist with referrals, follow up care, appointment reminders, etc. I spend a lot of time going through lab results in relation to medication adherence. I teach those I work with about their disease, medications, and offer support in whatever area is needed.

Vanessa, MPH
Program Coordinator

Duties: A portion of my time is dedicated to working with the Part C Program as the program coordinator. It is my job to make sure the program is delivered effectively and within the requirements outlined by the funder (HRSA).  I write the annual grant proposal and work closely with our  staff and stakeholders to ensure we are providing care that is evidence-based and person-centered, as well as within the scope of the grant.

Vicki, LCSW, MPH 
Social Work/Case Management

Duties: Social Work Case Management through the Part C program offers the assessment of client needs, especially focused on the most basic needs of food, shelter, etc. I make referrals to other agencies based on the individual needs of each client. I plan for the receipt of cost effective health care and support services for our clients while working with the people that work with the Part B program with the State Department of Health to make sure we are coordinating our services. I also work with the all the client bills. It is the client’s responsibility to bring their bills to our program. I then go over the bills and work with the different service providers to pay for the disease related services. I also provide emotional support to persons living with HIV/AIDS, friends, partners and/or family.