Central Sioux Falls Green Infrastructure Improvements

Project Update 10/8/2021 

  • The contractor is just getting started with construction. 
  • Traffic control is set up on both Covell Avenue and Duluth Avenue.  
  • Initial work will be within the roadway for necessary utility improvements along Covell Avenue and Duluth Avenue.

Commuter Route Information:

  • Covell Avenue is closed between 28th Street and 29th Street
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the project along Covell Avenue, 28th Street, and 29th Street are closed

  • Duluth Avenue is closed between 35th Street and 37th Street
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the project along Duluth Avenue and 35th Street are closed

Project Milestones 

  1. Rough grading of properties to shape drainage and retention areas.
  2. Installation of inlets into properties to allow stormwater flows to enter.
  3. Installation of underground utilities to promote downward drainage of water on sites.
  4. Landscaping installation – planting native grass and forb species along with tree groves.
  5. Installation of viewing areas and educational signage.


Contextual Design & Alternative Analysis 

Covell and Duluth Concepts

Project Overview

Completion Date:

November 30 (Substantial); June1 (Final) 

Contract Amount: 


Project Summary:

This project will implement green infrastructure practices at properties along Covell Avenue from 28th to 29th Street and at 35th and Duluth Avenue.  Improvements include incorporation of stormwater conveyance and retention facilities, infiltration basins, and/or rain gardens. ADA accessibility areas along with educational signage will be included.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
Colin Chatterton
(605) 367-8282

Jeb Hettich
(605) 367-8621

Consultant Name:

Rachel Kloos
(605) 274-6401

Contractor Name:

Lt Companies