Crew Members


The Captain is the team leader of any Engine, Truck, or Rescue Company and Tender. The Captain takes initial command of any emergency scene and does a size-up to give information to the incoming units. The Captain will decide if they are going to initiate a rescue operation or fire attack. It is the Captain’s responsibility to keep the rest of the crew on task and safe.


Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO)

The FAO drives the company to the fire scene. At the fire, the FAO is responsible for positioning the apparatus, connecting the supply line and giving the firefighters the correct amount of water at the right pressure to fight the fire.

Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO)


There are two firefighters assigned to each crew. It is the firefighter’s responsibility to hook the supply line up to and open the fire hydrant. The firefighters are also responsible of getting the correct tools and hoses to perform the tasks which need to happen during a rescue or fire attack. The firefighters work as a team to control the hose line and put the fire out.


Special Operations

Fire isn’t just dynamic – it’s also unpredictable. The Special Operations Units are teams of specialists who are called in during unique or highly critical situations.

Rescue Boat

Ground Rappel Tower

USAR – Urban Search and Rescue

These specialized teams are often dispatched to scenes of large fires or other emergency situations where their experience, knowledge, skills and specialized equipment are needed for rescue operations. There are four disciplines of USAR: Rope Rescue, Swift water and Ice Rescue, Trench Rescue and Structural Collapse Rescue.

The Mission of the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team is to provide a professional and timely response to locate, extricate and provide treatment of victims from collapsed buildings, water or entrapment in below or above grade structures that may arise following an emergency.

To accomplish this mission the SFFR-USAR will develop and deploy effective and efficient rescue technologies in a planned and timely response. Members of the USAR Team will maintain the highest state of readiness through skill proficiency and resource allocation to provide a safe and professional response to assist other agencies that go beyond the capabilities of local resources.

Tower Rappel

Hazmat Unit

HAZMAT stands for “Hazardous Materials,” and the job of the HAZMAT unit is to respond to any situation where harmful vapors, gasses, fluids, unknown powders or airborne materials are present. Equipped with specialized suits, tools and meters, the Hazmat teams are specialists in evacuating any people from the area, and then containing, collecting, dispersing or removing the harmful substance.