Licensing Office


Auctioneers are required to obtain an annual license. Please download the application and mail it and the fee to the Licensing Specialist.

  • Auctioneer Ordinance
  • doc Auctioneer / Auction Sale of Jewelry License Application
  • Requires annual license plus Fire Department flammable finish permit and inspection.

    docBowling Center Licensing Application

    The provisions of Chapter 117 - Peddlers and Vendors shall not apply to solicitations, sales or distributions made by charitable, educational, or religious organizations which have registered with the city on the forms provided. 

  • Charitable, Educational, Religious Organization Ordinance
  • docCharitable, Educational, Religious Organization Registration Form
  • A license is required if you wish to hold a carnival or circus in Sioux Falls. Fire, Health and Electrical inspections must be completed before the license will be issued. Contact the Licensing Specialist for additional information.

  • Word IconCircus and Carnival Application
  • Circus and Carnival Ordinance
  • Any fortuneteller, clairvoyant, palmist, astrologer, or any person practicing mesmerism, phrenology, necromancy, divination, mediumship, magic, or life or character reading or any person practicing hypnotism who is neither a licensed practitioner of the healing arts as defined in SDCL 36-2-1(6) and 36-2-2 nor under the direct supervision of such a licensed practitioner, who demands or receives a fee for exhibition or exercise of his art or profession, must obtain an annual license. Please contact the Licensing Specialist for more information.

    Word IconFortune Telling Application

    Please refer to Chapter 124 Transportation Services

    Livery vehicle means an equine-type animal-drawn public passenger vehicle with driver furnished, and carrying or accepting passengers for hire.

    An annual license is required.

    docLivery License Application

    The City of Sioux Falls no longer licenses Massage Therapists or Massage Establishments.

    Please contact the State of South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy for licensing information.

    The Motion Picture Theater license application fee is based on seating capacity. This fee includes an annual Fire and Health Inspection.

  • Motion Picture Theater Ordinance
  • Word IconMotion Picture Theaters Application
  • Please refer to Chapter 116 of City Ordinances for more information. However, in brief terms, you are required to obtain a Secondhand Goods Dealer license in you plan to purchase personal property for resale or for the purpose of a loan. You will also be required to set up a no-cost Leads Online account to report items purchased. This can be done online at

  • docPawnbroker/Second Hand Goods/Dealer in Precious Metals & Gems Application
  • Ordinance Chapter 116
  • Ice/Roller Skating Licensing must be obtained and renewed annually.
  • doc Ice / Roller Skating Rink Application
  • Ice / Roller Skating Rink Ordinance
  • Shooting Gallery Licensing is available per week or annually.

    docShooting Gallery Application

    Thank you for contacting our office concerning conducting a raffle in the city of Sioux Falls, SD.  Attached is a sample letter that indicates the information we need to receive in this office and a copy of the regulations regarding raffles.  Please be advised that, according to state law, we need to receive notification 30 days prior to the sale of any raffle tickets.

    22-25-26.   Unauthorized bingo or lottery as misdemeanor.
    Any person who conducts bingo or lottery in violation of subsection 22-25-25 is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

  • PDF DocumentRegulations
  • PDF DocumentSample Raffle Letter
  • Please refer to Chapter 124 Transportation Services for more information. However, in brief terms, if you accept or permit anyone to accept money or thing of value from a passenger for transportation in a vehicle, you will be required to obtain a Vehicle for Hire Business license from the Licensing Specialist and any driver will be required to obtain an Operator's permit from Police Records Division.

  • PDF DocumentVehicle for Hire Memo on Required Items
  • docVehicle for Hire Business Application
  • PDF DocumentVehicle for Hire Inspection Form
  • Ordinance 124 - Transportation Services
  • PDF Document2019 Transportation Services Licensed Businesses
  • PDF DocumentVehicle for Hire Driver’s Application
  • The unique nature of downtown development patterns provides a great opportunity to create vibrant and active streetscapes. Sidewalk cafes, sidewalk pubs, artistic displays, artistic performances, and other approved or permitted uses of the sidewalk encourage a pedestrian friendly environment and help to create a visually attractive and dynamic atmosphere for downtown Sioux Falls. The City of Sioux Falls has developed a process that allows business endeavors to occur on the publically-owned sidewalk. These uses are a privilege granted by the City and are encouraged so long as they are compatible with the pedestrian use of sidewalk, create positive conditions downtown, and comply with the rules and standards for use of the sidewalk.

    Per city ordinance Chapter 117, approval to use this space is needed prior to a person or business setting up any business activity or placing any object in the sidewalk area. Similar activities occurring entirely on private property are not subject to this chapter.

    The City of Sioux Falls grants three types of downtown sidewalk use approvals:

    • Permits are required for activities involving the sale of goods, sale of services, or similar use of sidewalk, except for cafes and pubs. Retailing, performance acts, and vending are allowed by permit.

    • Limited Leases are required for activities that have an intense and semi-permanent use of the sidewalk. Sidewalk cafes and sidewalk pubs are allowed by limited lease.

    • Notifications of Placement are accepted by the City allowing the placement of objects considered incidental to the operation of adjacent businesses. Sandwich board signs or potted plants are examples of activities allowed by notification.

    Please note that these approvals are for the use of the public sidewalk only. Other licenses such as those for alcohol beverage sales, food service, or peddling may still be required.

  • City Ordinance Ch. 117
  • PDF Document2016 Sidewalk Use Application