Basin 371 Drainage Improvements Project

**If you have any questions about the work being done in the green shaded region, please call John Osman at 605-367-8640.

Project Update 7/23/2021

The contractor plans to perform mowing of the drainage ditches starting the week of July 26 and will begin grading operations starting the week of August 2.

The below video goes into the details of the Basin 371 Drainage Improvements project. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact TJ or Raed using the contact info in the column to the right.

Commuter Route Information: 

  • Expect closures at Grinnell Avenue, Harvard Drive, Snapdragon Street, Eisenhower Avenue, and Theodore Avenue, as shown in the magenta shaded areas in the above map. 
  • Detours will be provided as the project commences.

Project Milestones 

  1. Culvert work at Grinnell Avenue (See ‘A’ in the above image)
  2. Culvert work at Harvard Drive (See ‘B’ in the above image)
  3. Culvert work at Snapdragon Street (See ‘C’ in the above image)
  4. Culvert work at Eisenhower Avenue (See ‘D’ in the above image)
  5. Culvert work at Theodore Avenue (See ‘E’ in the above image)
  6. Grading and pipe work in the drainage channels 

Project Overview

Completion Date:

Street crossing work to be completed by the fall of 2021, and drainageway work to be completed by early summer of 2022.

Contract Amount: 


Project Summary:

This project will improve the drainage channels in the area west of Sertoma Avenue and north of 41st Street.  Improvements include reshaping of the drainage channel, installation of underdrain pipe in the drainage channel, culvert and utility work at multiple street crossings, curb and gutter, and asphalt surfacing at the street crossings.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
Raed Yousef

Consultant Name:

Todd Yerdon

Contractor Name:

Winter Contracting, LLC