Safer Sioux Falls Pledge

Pledge your support in making Sioux Falls a safer city for all of its residents and visitors

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The Safer Sioux Falls Pledge is a community commitment to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by following COVID-19 mitigation efforts in organizations and businesses, including wearing facial coverings and other CDC recommended precautions. The Safer Sioux Falls Pledge is a commitment that your business will follow mitigation strategies for COVID-19 as listed in the pledge. By taking the pledge, you will gain access to printable graphics for display, and your business will be listed as one that has taken the pledge.

The Safer Sioux Falls pledge is your business’s promise to follow the guidelines outlined below. The City of Sioux Falls also has the One Sioux Falls COVID Action Plan.

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Together, Sioux Falls organizations and businesses are working hard to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We encourage businesses to take the Safer Sioux Falls Pledge, an initiative to make Sioux Falls a safer city for all of its residents and visitors. 

The Safer Sioux Falls Pledge is a voluntary pledge, and we encourage local businesses and organizations to sign on as a community commitment. The organizers are not responsible for regulating or ensuring that the businesses who have signed on to the pledge are following these guidelines.

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About the Safer Sioux Falls Pledge

Businesses and organizations are encouraged to read the guidelines and sign the pledge, which encourages practicing COVID-19 mitigation efforts, including wearing facial coverings and other recommended precautions. This is a joint effort between the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, the City of Sioux Falls, and the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.


The Safer Sioux Falls Pledge includes the following measures for businesses and employees:

Face Coverings

Facial Coverings

Employees and customers wear face coverings.



Hand Cleaning

Hand Sanitizer

- Hand sanitizer is available for use by customers  
- Employees wash hands frequently and follow CDC standards of cleaning and sanitation



Social Distancing

Social Distancing

People practice social distancing (6 feet apart or more) when possible 



Daily Screening

Daily Health Screenings

Employees stay home if they are feeling sick




Physical Barriers


Employees are trained on COVID-19 safety procedures




Physical Barriers

Flu Shot

Employees are encouraged to get a flu shot