Route 11 is back on regular route.

The construction on Route 7 at Foss Ave. is complete and Route 7 is on regular route.

The route 10 stop at 26th and Lorraine is closed until further notice.

Until further notice the stop at 26/Lorraine (mid-block) in front of Lowe's will be closed

Detour Route 19

Effective 10/1/18

Outbound from Career and Benson:
Left on Benson
Right on Marion
Right on 60th Street N.
Left on Annika and resume route

The stop at University Center west of roundabout is closed

Inbound from the Career Center stop
use the roundabout and back to 60th Street N.
Right on 60th Street
Right on I-29
Right on Benson
Left on Career and resume route

Route 3 Detour

Outbound route 3 from 22nd and Minn.
Right on 22nd
Left on Spring
Left on 31st
Right on Minn.

Inbound from 31st and Minn.
Right on 31st Left on Dakota
Left on 22nd
Right on Minn.