Fleet Management

The Fleet Management team consists of 23 highly dedicated and professional team members. It is our mission to provide a safe, cost-effective and productive fleet of equipment and vehicles to our partners.

The Fleet Management Division of Public Works is responsible for the centralized purchasing, maintenance and replacement of over 400 pieces of mobile equipment and vehicles for all the divisions of Public Works, as well as providing some vehicles and equipment for other City of Sioux Falls departments. The Fleet team achieved the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence recognition in 2009. Fleet completed over 10,000 individual repair jobs on City-owned and operated vehicles and equipment.

Fleet Management has developed a fleet of 75 vehicles for Citywide use by any department for short-term or seasonal use. In addition, Fleet maintains a Motor Pool of ten vehicles at City Hall for Citywide use and travel. Fleet also maintains and operates three fueling sites for use by over 20 separate City of Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County agencies.

Fleet provided 365,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 421,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline during the year. 13,200 gallons of E85 fuel were used by 48 City-owned vehicles that use this blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded gasoline. Fleet utilized three different formats for disposing of surplus vehicles and equipment. The annual City of Sioux Falls Auction netted Fleet $56,827.85. The sale of a 1999 Ford F-450 aerial truck, a 1991 Link Belt excavator, and a 1998 Wildcat Compost Turner through a national internet based auction company, Iron Planet, provided an additional $36,500. Sealed bids were received on a 1995 CUES TV/Van and 9 Ford Crown Victorias for an additional $29,996. All the proceeds from the surplus sales were returned to a Fleet reserve fund for the purchase of new equipment and vehicles.