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Stay up-to-date on current progress of street sweeping in the City of Sioux Falls by checking out this interactive map.

Street Sweeping Map

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Street Construction

Lane Closure – 85th Street & Lane Closures - Cliff Avenue…

Posted 09/08/2015 in Engineering

Street Construction

Lane Closure – West 41st Street| Lane Closure - Cleveland Avenue…

Posted 09/02/2015 in Street | Fleet Management

Street Construction

Lane Closure – West Sixth Street| Lane Closure – West Tenth Street…

Posted 09/01/2015 in Street | Fleet Management

Street Construction News

Lane Closure – West 26th Street | Watermain Installation – 33rd Street and Yaeger Road…

Posted 08/18/2015 in Street Construction

Street Construction

Street Closure–South Grange Avenue| Traffic Switch Cliff Avenue and 69th Street…

Posted 07/17/2015 in Engineering

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Video Cover

Slow Down for the Cone Zone

Posted 07/29/2014 in Public Works - Public Educational Videos

Slow down in areas where City crews are working.


Posted in Video

Street Utility Manager Galynn Huber explains the Microsurfacing process in detail...

Mission Statement

Street Maintenance provides for the maintenance and repair of all public streets within the city limits of Sioux Falls.

Fleet Maintenance provides for a safe, cost-effective and productive fleet of equipment and vehicles to our partners.

Division Summary

Street Maintenance tasks comprise of street overlay, crack sealing, seal coating, curb/gutter repair, storm inlet repair, service cut repair, street sweeping, pothole patching, gravel road maintenance, minor bridge repair, and winter snow removal activities.

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for the centralized purchasing, maintenance, and replacement of over 400 pieces of mobile equipment and vehicles for all the divisions of Public Works, as well as providing some vehicles and equipment for other City departments.