Downtown Sioux Falls Rail Yard Redevelopment

Rail Yard Redevelopment Plan

The Sioux Falls rail yard redevelopment area represents a tremendous opportunity to develop an urban project that pulses with life on a strategically located site in the heart of the city; and to build a bridge that binds two Sioux Falls’ areas—the downtown and Whittier neighborhood—together.

Rail Yard Redevelopment Plan


The purpose of this project is to redevelop 10-acres of land downtown recently purchased by the City from the BNSF Railway.

A History of the Sioux Falls Downtown Railyard

This report summarizes the history and development of the Downtown Sioux Falls rail yard in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. A 10.25-acre portion of BNSF property encompassing Tracts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe 4th Addition has been transferred to the City of Sioux Falls for redevelopment. Projected alterations to the railyard include removal of track and demolition of a 20th-Century freight house. This narrative history was prepared to mitigate the effects of the redevelopment plan on the historic railyard and any potentially eligible component features.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment
Finding of No Significant Impact

Supporting Documents

Project Milestones

Develop details on new alternative  Sept. 2012
Update Project Management Plan  Sept. 2012
Revise MOU  Sept. 2012
SHPO and Section 4(f)  Sept. 2012—April 2013
Drafting Preliminary EA  Oct. 2012—Jan. 2013
Hold Public Meeting  Jan. 31, 2013
Draft EA Completed  July 2013
Hold Public Meeting  August 14, 2013
Final EA Completed  September 26, 2013
Independent Appraisal Completed December 2014
Purchase agreement reached: July 2015
Close on property: Monday, November 2, 2015
BNSF begins constructing new siding tracks: 2016

Redevelopment RFP Process         

Development can begin:
First developer announced to redevelop the southern parcels July 2018