Shape Places - Zoning Ordinance

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A Sioux Falls Zoning Ordinance

“Shape Places” is a context-based zoning ordinance and major update of the current Zoning Ordinance that was last updated in 1983.  The new zoning ordinance will provide:





More Development Options

  • New Density Options –
    • Housing at greater densities in appropriate contexts
    • Commercial and office at appropriate sizes and contexts.
  • Mixed Uses –
    • Live-work areas
    • Village-style or Downtown-style developments/Pedestrian-oriented developments.
    • Commercial allowed in industrial and office areas

Consistent and Predictable Rgulations

  • Make sure everyone “knows the rules of the game” with clear and objective standards.
  • Less Conditional Uses, Overlay Districts and Planned Developments.
  • Updated Parking, Landscaping and Signage Regulations
  • Instead allow additional development options within new and existing conventional zoning districts.

New or Innovative Site Planning Options

  • Alternative Site Plan options for parking, signage, and landscaping.
    • Allow reduced parking
    • Allow campus signage plans
    • Allow innovative landscaping and bufferyard plans

A User-Friendly Format

  • Easier to understand through the introduction of forms, illustrations, and cross-reference links.
  • New Zoning Map – easier to review

Visit the webpage in mid to late September
for a full draft of the Shape Places Zoning Ordinance!

What is context-based zoning?  District + Form + Use

Different Neighborhoods have different contexts