Parks and Recreation Top 10 Wins

  1. Midco® Aquatic Center Construction and Grand Opening
    The long anticipated grand opening of our first indoor aquatic center took place on October 13, 2016. This 64,000-square-foot multipurpose indoor aquatic center is a state-of-the-art facility that we are very proud to finally provide to Sioux Falls area citizens. This project had been talked about as a need for more than 60 years, and it was delivered on time and under budget. Year-end attendance of 44,164 was a strong showing, making many Sioux Falls residents and visitors very happy customers!
  2. Elmwood Golf Course Hotel and Restaurant Lease
    A 50-year lease was signed with Quest Development to construct and operate a new Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites and Crooked Pint Ale House restaurant on Elmwood Golf Course. This development will also be the new home of the first-ever South Dakota Golf Hall of Fame and the offices of the South Dakota Golf Association.
  3. The Country Club of Sioux Falls Access Easement
    A long-awaited access easement was secured that will allow for a major bike trail spur to be constructed between Dunham Park and the Big Sioux River dam crossing. This 1-mile spur provides a direct trail connection to the main trail loop between West 12th Street and West 41st Street that will serve the more than 40,000 residents that live west of I-29 in Sioux Falls.
  4. Levitt Shell Sioux Falls/Falls Park West Preliminary Design
    Preliminary design was completed for the first phase of development of Falls Park West and the Levitt Shell Sioux Falls. The project is a three-party venture between the City of Sioux Falls, the National Levitt Foundation, and the local Friends of Levitt Shell Sioux Falls nonprofit organization. This project will transform Falls Park West into a first-class festival grounds and professional concert venue that can facilitate a Levitt Concert Series and the many festivals and special events located within Falls Park. Completion of the project will help solidify downtown Sioux Falls as a thriving destination for area entertainment and allow Sioux Falls to become the ninth city in America to house a permanent Levitt Shell venue.
  5. Tobacco-Free City Property Ordinance Adoption
    Together with the Health Department and many community partners, Parks and Recreation worked to propose an ordinance to the City Council to eliminate tobacco use on City property. While the Council amended the original language to focus on tobacco use during youth activities, this provides a foundation for further work to create additional tobacco-free environments.
  6. All Phases of Elmwood Golf Course Renovations Complete
    After three years of construction, the final phase of renovations was completed at Elmwood Golf Course. The project includes a completely renovated 27 holes of golf, a new 5-hole par 3 course, a new maintenance complex, and a new driving range clearing the way for uninterrupted golf course play in 2017.
  7. Department Core Values, Succession Plan, and New Logo Completed
    As a requirement of CAPRA standards, a succession plan was completed for the department. With that came the establishment of our first-ever set of core values that speak to our deeply held beliefs as a department. Those values were identified as Engagement, Collaboration, Resilience, Continuous Improvement, and Excellence. In 2016, the department also underwent an extensive process to create and implement a new logo to reflect the vibrancy and strength of the Sioux Falls parks and recreation system.
  8. Cherry Creek Trail Study and Alignment
    A key component of the 2009 Bicycle Master Plan was to build a trail network from Legacy Park at West 12th Street and Sertoma Avenue following Skunk Creek and a tributary drainageway northwesterly to University Center near 60th Street North. In addition to providing a six-mile continuous trail corridor, the Cherry Creek trail will provide connections to neighborhoods, parks, and places of interest including Family Park, Hayward Park, Hayward Elementary, Southeast Technical Institute, George McGovern Middle School, Thelin Park, University Center, and the I-29 pedestrian bridge. This trail network connects to the main trail loop at the I-29 pedestrian bridge to the north and the Skunk Creek dam crossing to the south, creating a second main trail loop in northwest Sioux Falls. This trail is scheduled to be constructed in phases starting in 2019.
  9. Westside Dog Park Grand Opening
    The Spencer Park dog park has been a hit since Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation created a temporary enclosure at that location in 2003. Not a day goes by without throngs of dogs and dog lovers socializing and enjoying the features this park offers. The newly opened westside location at Family Park offers Sioux Falls residents another option. The new park offers three acres of fenced-in open space for dogs to run and a variety of dog park amenities to better serve users. Amenities include drinking fountains for dogs and dog owners, shade structures, bench seating, concrete walking paths, and natural dog play features. In addition to the three acres of traditional fenced-in dog play area, a 22-acre parcel of natural prairie area has been opened up for off-leash dog activity. This area allows outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to recreate and train dogs in a natural setting with access to the lake within the park.
  10. Facilitated Several Public/Private Partnerships
    Parks and Recreation continued to invest heavily in cultivating and building relationships with partners that will provide parks and recreation services to park patrons by executing agreements with the following partners:
    1. Sioux Falls Zoological Society/Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum
    2. Wegner Arboretum Society/Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum and East Sioux Falls Historic Site
    3. Harrisburg School District: joint usage agreement for parks and schools
    4. Dive In, Inc.: concession services for the new Midco® Aquatic Center
    5. Farmers Market, Inc./Falls Park Farmers Market
    6. Sioux Falls Swim Team: gifted scoreboard, touch pads, and starting blocks for the Midco Aquatic Center
    7. Falls Area Singletrack: develop and maintain single track for public use