Street Trees

The City encourages the planting of shade trees on the parking strip. However, due to narrow parking strips bound by streets and sidewalks, these planting areas can be challenging for growing trees.

The City has adopted regulations in order to ensure that the trees that are planted will provide shade and increase property value with a minimum of problems for the tree, the property owner, and the City. Trees that are permitted on the parking strip are selected based on the ability of the tree to grow in our climate and its ability to co-exist with required clearances over streets and sidewalks. Refer to the Street Tree Guide for selecting a tree to grow in your parking strip.

Only approved street trees may be planted on the parking strip. The parking strip must be five (5) feet or wider before a tree can be planted. Trees should be at least 1 inch in caliper when planted. Trees should be spaced forty (40) feet apart and must not be planted under overhead utility lines. Trees should be placed at least ten (10) feet from a fire hydrant, ten (10) feet from a driveway, and fifteen (15) feet from a streetlight. Trees on a corner lot should be planted at least thirty (30) feet from the corner (starting at the curb) or twenty (20) feet away from a stop/yield sign .