Landscaping & Tree Planting

Landscape Plans

Spring is the time of year when people typically think about planting trees around their home. Trees can provide many functional and aesthetic benefits to the residential landscape. They help create an attractive setting by framing and accenting the house and other focal points. Trees afford protection from harsh winds and cast cooling shade. Unfortunately, trees can become landscape liabilities, rather than assets, if the wrong species or locations are selected for planting. The old adage, "The right tree in the right spot" is still true today.

Many people would not consider building a house without the benefit of a plan. Doing so would run the risk of building walls that do not match or fit together properly. These same people, however, may not follow this advice when planting trees around their home. Trees planted near the front steps quickly grow to crowd the entrance. The evergreen in the front yard looked nice when it was planted but now, twenty years later, it shades the picture window during those sunny winter days. Careful consideration must be given to tree placement to avoid these and other problems. Trees, because of their longevity, should be considered a permanent part of the landscape. Placement mistakes can results in a tree's early demise or becoming a nuisance as it matures.