Emerald Ash Borer Infestation Leads to City Ordinance Changes

In response to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation in Sioux Falls, City ordinance changes took effect October 12, 2018, related to tree planting and removal.

Following confirmation of EAB in Sioux Falls, the City is now prohibiting the planting of any new ash trees. In addition, to help slow the spread of the EAB, moving raw ashwood within city limits between Memorial Day and Labor Day is prohibited. EAB is known to devastate ash tree populations, killing healthy trees within one to four years of becoming infested.

Planting new trees in public right-of-ways (parking strips) will now require a tree planting permit prior to planting. Permits are available at no charge at the Sioux Falls City Center, located at 231 North Dakota Avenue.

An urban forest diverse in the species and age of trees is a priority of Sioux Falls. Currently, ash trees comprise a large portion of the City’s tree population—an estimated 26 percent. A diverse urban forest helps safeguard against future epidemics like West Elm Disease and EAB. The goal of the newly-implemented permit process is to ensure that people select approved trees and plant them in appropriate locations in their parking strip.

The Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department’s updated approved street tree guide along with additional EAB information is available at www.siouxfalls.org/eab.

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