Author Visit: David Beckett The Cana Mystery; Chords of Memory

David Beckett, whose 2013 novel, The Cana Mystery, has been described by critics as "thrilling" (Cambridge Day), "inventive" (Hills and Heights), and "dazzling" (Helotes Weekly), will be at the Brandon Community Library for an author visit, Thursday, October 18, 6:30-8 p.m.

Beckett will discuss his recently released novel, The Chords of Memory, which delves into the 1840’s world of immigrants, social issues, and the Underground Railroad.

His presentation will also focus on his beginnings as an author and the writing, imagery and history of his novels. Other topics may include writing for an international audience, obtaining copyrights, finding translators, negotiating with online booksellers and avoiding scam fiction contests.

If an ADA accommodation is needed, please contact the Human Relations Office at 605 367 8745 (voice), 605-367-7039 (TTY) or at least 72 hours before the event.

For more information, please call the Brandon Community Library, 582-2390, or visit

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