Sioux Falls EMS System Saves Lives

Recent comments made to a local news organization regarding Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and the Sioux Falls emergency medical services (EMS) system are a disservice to the residents and visitors of our city. When it comes to medical emergencies, our community is in safe hands.

“Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, along with Paramedics Plus ambulance and the entire Sioux Falls EMS system, currently perform every lifesaving measure we can to care for the residents and visitors of Sioux Falls, and the changes we are exploring will only enhance our levels of service,” says Fire Chief Brad Goodroad.

The Sioux Falls EMS system includes Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, the Sioux Falls Police Department, the Sioux Falls Health Department, Metro Communications, Paramedics Plus ambulance, and the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA). As partners, we are committed to treating and caring for all residents and visitors of Sioux Falls. Each and every day, we respond to life-threatening illnesses, injuries, and events in a tiered and cooperative approach to provide the best care possible. Our friends and neighbors can rest assured they will receive high-quality care and be treated with dignity and respect at all levels of their medical care.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is exploring the potential to utilize paramedics, currently employed within their department, to be advanced life support responders during specialty incidents. Specialty incidents include events like water rescues, structural collapses, and SWAT responses. The addition of this response capability will have no impact on the City’s contract for surface ambulance service.

This year, the department is researching budgetary considerations, the impact to job duties, and compensation for firefighters. Should this change be made, it would go into effect in 2019.

Please visit for more information on Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and the many programs they provide to the community.


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