Police Look for Help Solving 37-Year-Old Homicide

On February 28, 1981, an abandoned newborn baby boy was found dead near a field south of East 26th Street and South Sycamore Avenue. At the time, police exhausted all possible leads and were not able to find the mother. The baby appeared to have had a normal childbirth and the coroner determined he died of exposure. Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of this case.

Eight years ago, Detective Mike Webb began looking into this unsolved homicide. New technology was used to obtain a DNA sample. The Sioux Falls Police Department worked closely with the Minnehaha County State’s Attorney’s Office and the South Dakota State Crime Lab to check that DNA with known offenders to possibly find a match of a relative. The initial scan was unsuccessful, but that sample is still periodically checked with the hope of finding a match.

Police are hoping someone may come forward with information about this case. Any details could help solve this crime. Previously unreleased crime scene photos are now being released to help show the area and details of the blanket, sheet, and shirt that were found with the newborn.


Ditch  Ditch  Blanket

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