Sioux Falls Crime Rate Drops Slightly in 2017; Drugs Continue to Fuel Crime

In 2017, the Sioux Falls Police Department set another record responding to 105,865 calls for service. This is a 2.9 percent increase from 2016, which held the previous record at 103,698 calls for service. While the call volume increased, the violent crime and property crime trended down from 2016. The crime rate over a five-year period remained flat, even with an increase in population.

The following amounts of drugs were seized by the Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force:

  2016  2017 
Marijuana  114.80 pounds  284.88 pounds  
Methamphetamine  37.98 pounds  11.16 pounds 
Cocaine  3.05 pounds  1.02 pounds  
Heroin  0.2 pound  0.3 pound 

“Overall, the numbers of property and violent crimes occurring in our city went down compared to 2016, and that is a positive step forward,” says Police Chief Matt Burns. “As our city continues to grow, our biggest challenge remains the addiction to and trafficking of methamphetamine and other illegal drugs in our city. Combating that trend will continue to be a public safety priority for our department.”

Drug use and abuse continue to have an impact on the quality of life in and around Sioux Falls. Many drug users resort to other crimes to fund drug addictions, and consequently many people are victimized by this illegal behavior.

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