Sioux Area Metro Route Adjustments Effective August 6, 2018

Starting on August 6, 2018, the following SAM route adjustments will be put into effect to improve safety, efficiency, and on-time performance.

Route 4: The Cliff Avenue to Eighth Street to Franklin Avenue Loop will move to Route 8—the route will instead move to Tenth Street on the inbound. Route 8 does not operate on Saturdays. Riders will need to use Route 4 on Tenth Street on Saturdays.

Route 5: Discontinue the Blauvelt Avenue loop and move to Cliff Avenue because of the safety issues of the bus operating on a local street and because of low ridership.

Route 8: On the inbound, the route will turn at Eighth Street and cover the Franklin Avenue loop instead of Tenth Street, and cover the section discontinued by Route 4. The Tenth Street inbound stops will be covered by Route 4.

Route 10: Move the route and one bus stop between Kiwanis Avenue and Westport Avenue from 11th Street to 10th Street.

Route 19: Add an inbound loop on Maple Street and Westport Avenue that is already traveled on the outbound direction to service businesses in area. All stops will remain. Add a stop at Maple Street and Westport Avenue on the inbound direction. Discontinue inbound along Russell Street from Maple Street to Westport Avenue.

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