Lyft Takes Another Step to Operate in Sioux Falls

The ride-hailing company Lyft is taking another big step to operate in Sioux Falls! The company has now been issued a transportation network company license through the City’s licensing office. It was previously announced that the company had been issued a state sales tax license.

Lyft is a transportation networking company (TNC) that operates in more than 300 cities nationwide, completing more than 28 million rides per month. Riders must download the Lyft mobile app to their smartphone to connect with Lyft drivers.

“Lyft keeps checking off the boxes to make it possible for them to operate in our city. It shows that like us, they, too, are committed to getting this done,” says City Council Vice Chair Christine Erickson.

A team of City and State officials, as well as resident Greg LaFollette, have been working for months to attract Lyft to the city. Lyft is expected to launch operations in Sioux Falls as soon as they can recruit enough drivers.

In 2015, the Sioux Falls City Council passed an ordinance that changed licensing requirements to allow transportation network companies to operate in Sioux Falls. In 2016, the South Dakota State Legislature approved a measure that changed insurance laws to allow companies like Lyft to operate in the state.

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