Siouxland Libraries Adds Middle Reading Section

Siouxland Libraries has made it easier for middle-school students to find books that relate directly to them. At all locations, a new section called Middle Reading is available to young people looking for advanced reading opportunities.

Until now, the collection was divided into Children and Teens, leaving those in grades 4th to 8th to search between the two sections. Young people reading above grade level often want books that will challenge them, but the topics in some of those books are above their emotional development.

“Middle schoolers are going through a pivotal time, forming their own identities and opinions,” says Director of Siouxland Libraries Jodi Fick. “If they can’t find books that speak to them, they may give up on books in general. We want to offer easy access to books that keep the interest of middle-school students so they stay engaged in reading and in school.”

Staff at each of Siouxland Libraries’ five city and six rural branches have culled the juvenile and young adult collections to create a third category, Middle Reading. The reorganization is complete across Siouxland Libraries locations, with staff eager to provide an introduction to younger and older readers alike.

For more information, please call Siouxland Libraries at 367-8700 or visit


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