How Many Chickens Can a Person Have Within City Limits?

Spring is often the time when people buy chickens for their own backyard egg supply. However, homeowners in Sioux Falls need to know the requirements before they bring their chickens home to roost.

Each home is allowed to have up to six hens (female chickens) without a permit. A permit from Animal Control is required if the resident wants to have more than six hens or any number of ducks, geese, or turkeys. Roosters are never allowed. Permits must be approved by all of the property owners within 100 feet around the residence. The Animal Control Supervisor approves all permits, and they are reviewed every three years. Livestock such as pigs, cattle, sheep, and horses are allowed only in an Agriculture Zoning District.

City ordinance also requires that chicken coops be kept more than 25 feet from any dwelling on neighboring lots. Bedding and other waste needs must be kept clean to reduce odor and health implications. Chickens must be kept in your yard. You must also supply your chickens with shelter, food, and water as you would with any other animal under your care. Completely enclosing chickens in a pen with a covered roof will help prevent wild or stray animals from preying on them.

If you are part of a homeowners association, additional restrictions may apply so please contact your association representative to find out more. If you have questions about the City of Sioux Falls urban agriculture ordinances or if you would like to apply for a permit, call Animal Control at 367-7000. For more information concerning the restrictions on building a chicken coop, call Zoning at 367-8254.