Great Weekend to Mow Your Lawn! Lawns Required to Be 8 Inches or Shorter

Be a good neighbor and keep your lawn looking sharp this summer! City ordinance requires that lawns be kept shorter than 8 inches in height and noxious weeds be controlled.

When the City receives a complaint about a parcel of land that is being neglected, the City investigates the complaint with a site visit. Next steps include a courtesy letter and reinspection of the property. If the violation is not corrected, the property owner receives a $100 citation and must pay the cost of a lawn mowing service contracted by the City.

Between April and October 2016, the City performed 1,988 lawn site visits and verified 1,709 violations of the ordinance.

“One of the significant reasons that Sioux Falls is such a great city is because of the efforts of responsible property owners maintaining their homes and businesses according to community standards,” says Matt Tobias, Code Enforcement Manager.\

Residents are encouraged to report potential nuisance vegetation violations by calling the “Lawn Enforcement Hotline” at 978-6900 during normal business hours, or leave a voice message after hours or on weekends. Potential violations also can be reported online at