Downtown Bus Depot to Move for Reconstruction Project

Effective Monday, May 15, 2017, the Downtown Bus Depot will close to complete a major reconstruction project on the facility. To continue to provide bus operations, Sioux Area Metro will temporarily move the Downtown Bus Depot to the southwest corner of Fawick Park located on 3rd Avenue. A temporary ticket and information booth will be available at this site and all route transfers will be completed on 3rd Avenue. To provide a safe experience for bus customers, 3rd Avenue will be closed to motor vehicles from directly under the viaduct to 2nd Avenue while the temporary bus depot is operational.

The reconstruction of the Downtown Bus Depot will include a new canopy with an aluminum framed central skylight to provide daylight and improve the exterior waiting environment. Platform improvements will provide for primary walking surfaces below the canopy area and will incorporate features such as visually impaired guided pathways, new concrete bench seating, new bicycle storage racks and repair station, and refinished columns. To compliment the canopy renovations, the transit building’s south wall, entry doors, and exterior signage will be also be reconstructed.

The total cost of the project including construction and engineering will be $2 million. A $1.1 million Federal Transit Administration grant will help pay for the project. The new Downtown Bus Depot is expected to open by October 1.