Internal Auditors Validate Health Department Ambulance Response Time Quality Assurance Process

The Sioux Falls City Council’s Internal Audit department has issued a report validating that the City Health Department has proper processes in place to validate Paramedics Plus’ response time compliance. The audit also found that Paramedics Plus is in compliance with the mutual aid requirements of the surface ambulance contract with the City of Sioux Falls.

“This audit provides assurance that the City Health Department has multiple appropriate procedures in place to ensure Paramedics Plus is compliant with the contract’s requirements for response time and mutual aid services,” said Public Health Director Jill Franken.

Councilor Rex Rolfing, Chair of the Audit Committee, noted that this audit was a very thorough review. “In addition to reviewing the ambulance contract between the City and Paramedics Plus, auditors conducted interviews, observed staff, and verified samples of monthly response time compliance reports and daily quality assurance calls.”

The report will be available to the public at