Citizens Are Eyes and Ears for City Officials

Today, City of Sioux Falls officials shed some light on code enforcement issues and encouraged residents to report concerns when those issues arise.

“We have built a city that is the envy of most, and we need to stay diligent to keep it that way. Our citizens must be our eyes and ears when something seems out of whack, like grass not being mowed, junky cars, potholes or the like,” says Mayor Mike Huether.

The City of Sioux Falls has community standards residents need to follow regarding property maintenance. Tips to help you be a good neighbor include:
• Keep your yard clean, including shoveling your sidewalk in the winter and mowing the lawn in the summer. City ordinance requires that lawns be kept shorter than 8 inches in height and noxious weeds be controlled.
• Maintain your home; keep it in a safe, sanitary, and decent condition by painting your house, raking leaves, disposing of pet waste, and picking up trash.
• Park your car where it belongs: in the garage or driveway or on the street.
• Maintain commercial garbage service from a licensed hauler, and do not permanently place your garbage or recycling containers in front of your house where they are readily visible.
• Help your neighbors when they need assistance.

“Our proactive code enforcement efforts work, but they often take time. The most important advice we can give you is to let us know as soon as possible when a problem arises. The City is required to complete our due diligence, both with a potential violator and with the neighbor reporting it,” says Matt Tobias, Code Enforcement Manager.

The process often begins when a citizen reports a potential violation of City Ordinance. In the case of 923 South Dakota Avenue, the first complaint was reported in June 2015. After many citations for the condition of the exterior of the property and other code violations, last year at this time a notice was issued ordering the property owner to secure the building. The property recently has changed hands, and the current owner is now working to improve the property.

Citizens can report code violations and other concerns through web forms at as well as by phone. Save these contact numbers in your mobile phone favorites list:
• Non-emergency Police and Animal Control concerns: 367-7000
• Code enforcement concerns such as homes with broken windows: 367-8613
• Tall grass, weeds, or unshoveled sidewalks: 978-6900
• Pothole Hotline: 367-8002