Annual Water Quality Report Distributed This Week

The City of Sioux Falls will mail the annual Water Quality Report to all postal customers this week. The report’s brochure format was developed to comply with federal Safe Drinking Water Act reporting requirements.

Sioux Falls drinking water is in compliance with all state and federal drinking water standards.
The 2016 Water Quality Report includes information on the City’s water supply system,

• The sources of Sioux Falls drinking water, which includes both the City Water
Purification Plant and the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System.
• The current substances regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency that were
detected in the drinking water provided to Sioux Falls water customers in 2016.
• The maximum allowable level of those regulated substances.
• The detected amount of those regulated substances used to determine compliance in Sioux Falls drinking water.

Additional information regarding the City’s water treatment process and water quality can be found at If you have questions about the content of the report or any other concerns about drinking water, contact the City of Sioux Falls Water Purification Plant at 605-373-6950.