Annual Ambulance Contract Performance Report Shows Paramedics Plus Is Exceeding Contract Requirements

Paramedics Plus, Sioux Falls’ surface ambulance service provider, is exceeding their contract requirements, according to a report released today by the Sioux Falls Health Department.

Paramedics Plus operates within the city’s EMS system through an exclusive franchise agreement with the City of Sioux Falls. The Sioux Falls Health Department, which administers the ambulance contract on behalf of the City, is required by contract to submit an annual ambulance contract performance report.

“After reviewing the performance indicators of our ambulance provider, I am pleased to share the 2017 Ambulance Contract Performance Report,” said Public Health Director Jill Franken. “This report highlights the high-quality service Paramedics Plus provides to our community.”

The ambulance service contract requires the Health Department to review the following performance indicators:

• Response time performance: Response time requirements for each priority have been met every month.
• Workforce/stability: Paramedics Plus has taken several key steps to address employee retention.
• Clinical performance: Clinical measures, cardiac arrest outcomes, medical audits, and case reviews are part of the clinical performance standards reviewed in the report.
• Pricing compliance: Claims reviews and an independent audit have been conducted as required by the contract.
• System improvements: Paramedics Plus has been engaged in facilitating innovative programs to improve system performance in Sioux Falls.
• Reporting compliance: All report requirements have been met.

“Paramedics Plus performed all their required services,” said Director Franken, “and they delivered those services with a commitment to improving system quality.”

Highlights of this report will be shared when Paramedics Plus ambulance service presents their annual operational update to the City Council and the public on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, during the 4 p.m. City Council Informational Meeting held at Carnegie Town Hall, 235 West Tenth Street. The update also will be web streamed live on as well as televised live on cable channel CityLink.

The 2017 Ambulance Contract Performance Report will be available to the public at