Service at a Whole New Level: New City Administration Building Set to Open in 2018

Sioux Falls residents and visitors will see work begin on the City Administration Building very soon. City services will be taken to a whole new level for residents and businesses when the new facility opens in 2018 with the aim of centralizing departments into a “government corridor” in downtown Sioux Falls.

“Serving the citizens and visitors of Sioux Falls is a big deal, and this grand investment will take us to a whole new level. One hundred years from now it will still be paying dividends thanks to the foresight of citizens today,” says Mayor Mike Huether.

A groundbreaking ceremony took place today, Monday, January 9, 2017, to celebrate the beginning of construction for a building that has been vetted for nearly a decade. Sales tax bonds were sold in October, and bond proceeds will be used to design, construct, furnish, and equip the new building. The $21.9 million project budget includes the construction of a three-story building—two finished stories, a third-story shell, footings and foundations for a future fourth floor, underground parking and storage, as well as room to grow as the city grows. The project budget also will allow investments to improve Van Eps Park and Dakota Avenue.

To accommodate the building construction and park improvements, Van Eps Park as well as the west parking lane and western-most driving lane of Dakota Avenue will be closed throughout the construction. A perimeter fence will be installed beginning today. Park patrons are encouraged to use nearby Fawick Park, Falls Park, or Terrace Park while Van Eps Park is closed. Once renovations are complete, the park will have a new shelter and walkways, enhanced lighting and landscaping, new trees, and irrigated green space.