City Announces Partnership Team for Mixed-Use Parking Ramp Project

Today, the City of Sioux Falls announced its intent to move forward with a public/private partnership on the proposed mixed-use parking ramp at 110 South Mall Avenue. The City has selected Legacy Developments and Consulting to be lead owner and financier of retail, office, and residential uses in the mixed-use facility. The selection was made after a competitive request for qualifications process was initiated in summer 2016. Legacy Developments was unanimously identified as the top proposer during that process. Since that time, the City and Legacy Developments engaged in a series of discussions to determine the compatibility of both the public parking and private development objectives, culminating in today’s announcement of the partnership.

“This mixed-use, public/private partnership advances multiple goals of the Downtown 2025 Plan and will ultimately increase the density of downtown development,” says Daren Ketcham, Director of Community Development, City of Sioux Falls. “Legacy Developments and Consulting’s leadership and vision has led to more than 40 projects in Sioux Falls, including 15 downtown, and we look forward to their continued investment in our community.”

The City and Legacy Developments have mutually selected JLG Architects to design both the public and private elements of the project. A single design firm leading the project will streamline coordination and communications and unify the design approach, adding a prominent and aesthetically pleasing structure to the downtown skyline. Walker Parking Professionals and the TEGRA Group are providing advisory services to the City throughout this process as well.

The City has selected Journey Group to manage the construction of the parking ramp portion of the project. Legacy Developments’ project will commence following Journey’s work on the ramp. Legacy Developments has selected Gil Haugan Construction to construct the private development elements of the project. Collectively these two entities represent more than 160 years of construction experience in Sioux Falls with a track record of successfully delivering significant projects for the community.

“We are committed to the growth of our community and the continued development of our Downtown. We’re pleased to work with the City of Sioux Falls, JLG Architects, Gil Haugan Construction, Journey Group, Walker Parking Professionals, and TEGRA Group on this project,” says Norm Drake, Manager, Legacy Developments and Consulting.

The schematic design phase will now commence to determine the exact number of residential units, retail and office blocks, parking spaces, and exterior design of the mixed-use project. A contract to commence design will be presented to the City Council in February.

At the completion of schematic design, the overall project budget will be established, and renderings of the project will be available. This step is expected to be complete in April, at which time the full project scope would be presented to the City Council for approval.

It is anticipated that work will begin with groundbreaking in fall 2017.