Outstanding City Employees Recognized

Mayor Mike Huether has announced the winners of the V. L. Crusinberry Award, Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award, and Employee of the Year for Safety Award—the City’s top employee awards.

The 2017 V. L. Crusinberry Award winners are Michael Gramlick and Tony Schnetter. The V. L. Crusinberry Award, established in memory of former Mayor V. L. Crusinberry, recognizes and honors annually nonmanagement employees who demonstrate exceptional performance, judgment, productivity, loyalty, professional pride, and other noteworthy accomplishments in relation to City employment.

Captain Michael Gramlick is a natural leader and the consummate champion for Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. He has relentless passion for making Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and our city a better place to work and live. Michael uses his charismatic style and collaboration skills to bring people together for positive change. This is especially evident in his role in creating a positive union/management relationship. Michael is not as concerned with personal success as he is with setting up the organization and the next generation of leaders to build on what has been started. Michael has spent countless hours fostering relationships and building the Step Up for Heroes Program as a grassroots effort to help those in need.

Tony Schnetter, Engineering Technician II in the Public Works Engineering Division, has been a model employee for more than 27 years. He remains enthusiastic about his work and enjoys helping anyone who asks for assistance. Tony was instrumental in establishing a database of the entire sidewalk system in Sioux Falls, effectively guiding and motivating a team of six summer interns. This database will be used to direct future sidewalk repair, replacement, and installation programs. Tony is also actively involved in the upgrade of technologies with the Water Division records management to digitize their asset record management. Tony has volunteered at The Banquet with the Engineering team, is an active member of the Knights of Columbus, and is a talented carpenter.

The 2017 Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award winners are Shana Nelson and Wes Philips. The Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award, established in memory of former Human Resources Manager Jeanne Fullenkamp, recognizes and honors annually high performers and leaders in the midmanagement employee group whose performance drives change, builds commitment, maximizes talent, and focuses on excellence in customer service.

Shana Nelson serves as the Business Analyst for Public Works in the Finance department and gives 100 percent every day to support this department. She is effective in this role because she takes the time to get to know the people and their jobs within Public Works. She will go out and fill potholes, move bricks, work on office practices, and walk the site at the Landfill. Shana has played a key role in many operational changes and projects, including implementation of the City’s financial software program, for which she worked with Public Works on training, troubleshooting, and answering questions. Shana helps analyze any new business practice opportunities and determines the benefit to the department. Her dedication and spirit help make her an incredible leader and a game changer for the City of Sioux Falls.

Wes Philips has served as the Principal Engineer for Streets (Public Works Engineering Division) since 2009, and his primary responsibilities include the planning and programming of the maintenance, repair, and replacement of streets throughout the city. He has provided outreach and education to contractors, developers, disability advocacy groups, citizens, and property owners. Wes has been deeply involved with a project to help the City become more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act within the public right-of-way and was instrumental in bringing in the Federal Highway Administration to provide accessibility training for City staff, other governmental agencies, and private design engineers. Wes is an active member of the South Dakota Engineering Society and was voted by his peers as the Young Engineer of the Year in 2014. Wes provides excellent customer service in a position that receives much demand from the public.

The 2017 recipients of the Employee of the Year for Safety Award are Josh Brinkman and Maegen Bult and Troy Scandin. The Employee of the Year for Safety Award recognizes and honors annually employees who have made a significant and measurable contribution toward achieving the City’s safety objectives. Employees nominated were chosen by their supervisor for their ability to motivate coworkers and to contribute to a heightened safety awareness—and ultimately a safer working environment.

Josh Brinkman and Maegen Bult are both Park Service Workers for Parks and Recreation and are also members of the department’s Safety Team. This year they set a work goal to develop a program to provide the more than 200 seasonal employees training that is congruent with the training that full-time employees receive. Maegen and Josh developed a “Safety Passport” for general and job-specific safety training for all seasonal employees, to provide both structure and accountability to the employee and the department. The passport was based on core competencies per training topic as established for full-time employees. A short quiz and discussion questions were developed on each of the mandatory trainings to engage the seasonal employees and verify their knowledge and understanding. In addition, they also helped to develop the core competencies for full-time employees and packaged the competencies into a monthly training schedule for easy and effective delivery. Josh and Maegen embraced a can-do attitude and engaged employees throughout the department to put safety first within their jobs.

Captain Troy Scandin of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is a consummate safety professional and an integral component of the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Health and Safety Committee. He spent five months working on a Hearing Conservation Program for the department by conducting a needs assessment, developing a strategic plan, conducting a budgetary cost estimate to request the necessary funding to support the project, and working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to successfully establish a formalized program and policy. Troy outlined specific firefighter work tasks and work areas to measure hazardous noise exposure levels and meticulously outlined the duration and levels firefighters are exposed to. Through this research he was able to identify and open up process improvements for employees to operate in a safer manner on a day-to-day basis. This research project will potentially save significant dollars in preventable hearing loss and lost work time.

Full List of Nominees

V. L. Crusinberry Award Nominees:

  • Brent Booth, Officer, Sioux Falls Police Department
  • Sue Carlson, Library Associate, Siouxland Libraries
  • Shandy Dvorak, Lead Equipment Operator, Public Works Street Division
  • Michael Gramlick, Captain, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue
  • Mary Kneip, Clinic Lab Aide, Dental Clinic, Health Department
  • Al Roettger, Community Development Program Specialist, Community Development Affordable Housing Division
  • Tony Schnetter, Engineering Technician II, Public Works Engineering Division

Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award Nominees:

  • Jeff Helm, Division Chief, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue
  • Kim Koblank, Librarian, Siouxland Libraries
  • Tim Konda, Business Analyst, Finance Department
  • Dave McIntire, Lieutenant, Sioux Falls Police Department
  • Mary Michaels, Public Health Prevention Coordinator, Health Department
  • Shana Nelson, Business Analyst, Finance Department
  • Wes Philips, Principal Engineer, Public Works Engineering Division
  • Midco® Aquatic Center team: Rich Carlson (District Park Supervisor), Tory Miedema (Park Development Specialist), Kelby Mieras (Park Operations Manager), and Jean Pearson (Recreation Program Coordinator), Parks and Recreation

Employee of the Year for Safety Award Nominees:

  • Josh Brinkman and Maegen Bult, Park Service Workers, Parks and Recreation
  • Harlan Haviland, Lead Parking Equipment Service Tech, Community Development Public Parking Division
  • Jon Nelson, Electrician, Public Works Water Purification Division
  • Darwin Plucker, Lead Mechanic, Central Services Fleet Division
  • Troy Scandin, Captain, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue

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